Frequently Asked Questions - Survey System

These FAQ's are specifically to do with the online survey system put together for evaluating teachers, learners and parents.

It is important that if you are running the IT of the school you take note of the technical requirements which may need to be looked at, this is all part of making sure the emails of the system are delivered and our survey system talks to your mail system.

Survey: General information

Why do I have to register?

In order for the survey to have unique answers we require that all participants register for the surveys. Tokens are then sent out with the email, which make the survey unique to the email address.

We also use the registration to send out reminders if the user has not filled out the survey.

Parents who have more than one child

If parents have more than one child at the school, they will need to use a unique email per child. Unfortunately We cannot accommodate the same email for more than one child at this stage.

How is my email address used?

Your email address is not used for anything else except communication between the survey system and the participant (you).

Emails are as follows:

  • Confirmation message
  • Thank you message
  • Reminder messages. If you have not filled in the survey then reminders are sent out. We will only send out a maximum of 3 reminders for the survey.

Survey: Specific Setups

Learners with or without an email address

Our surveys run on a token & email system, which allows each survey to be unique. We do however have situations where the learners do not have email addresses, and its too time consuming for each and every learner to obtain an email. In this situation, we can change the survey setup to allow a slightly different approach for learners.

It is important to note, that when opting for this method, it is better to have all learners submit the surveys in one day, as the possibility exists that they can do the survey twice. So this needs to be in a controlled environment.

How this works

  • The school needs to request this type of survey in advance.
  • The survey will be setup so no email addresses are required.
  • The school should block of X amount of time on a specific day and let us know when this is. So the survey can be set to only work between these specific times and the dates.
  • It is useful to get all the learners to do the survey at the computer classrooms.
  • We will provide a unique short URL (link) which the students can type into a browser, this will redirect to the survey.
  • Once the survey is complete the school should email to inform that the survey has been completed.

Important notes for the IT Department

Important Technical Requirements

As our server has specific setup, we require the IT department of the school to make sure that emails are accepted from the following sources:

  • survey @
    This is the main email of the system and all communication will use this email address.
  • Whitelist:
    This is the main sending domain of the emails
  • Whitelist the following domain from where emails will originate:
    This domain is the transport mechanism for all emails and the emails will be signed with this in the email header.
  • Emails will be signed as (header information):
    Signed by:

If any of the above is not done, the delivery of the emails could be compromised. This will result in emails not being delivered.

For further information you can also email us to find out more about this setup.

What if we do not have an IT Department

If your school does not have a dedicated IT department which looks after your email, then all that is required is that the person who is handling the IT/EMAILS, contacts the Hosting company which hosts the emails. You then ask them to whitelist the information as mentioned in the IT Requirements.

Session time outs

Our survey system has a session time out of 90 minutes for every user. This should be ample time for a user to complete the survey. If time outs occur there could be other reasons which relate to: A slow internet speed, or possible international connection issues. Although these are rare, they do happen.

If there are any questions or comments about this section, please let us know, as we are expanding this all the time.

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