Quality Assurance evaluation processes

IQAA offers quality assurance evaluation and improvement services to all independent schools, other organisations, and companies pursuing corporate social responsibility initiatives. Full details can be obtained from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the case of ISASA member schools, a requirement for continued membership is that they undertake a Core Model evaluation that has to be conducted once in every six-year cycle.  This Core Model comprises:

  • an opinion survey of Parents, Learners and Staff by means of the standard IQAA forms;
  • a check of the school’s compliance with ISASA membership conditions and its status with Umalusi;
  • setting up an internal team and establishing an ongoing quality assurance culture;
  • evaluation of (a) teaching and learning through classroom visits; and (b) functioning of the school.

The Core Model is paid for through ISASA membership subscriptions.

If schools require an evaluation of any areas of operation over and above those contained in the Core Model (governance, for example), then this can be discussed with IQAA. Fees for these additional services are for the school’s account.

Those involved

The School Evaluation Team (SET) is made up of a number of staff members that must be trained by IQAA (see On-site Training). A fee is payable for this training. The size of the SET varies according to the size and needs of the school.  Most will normally be teachers, many of whom are likely to be of senior status.  The team leader must be someone highly capable and  respected. 

The principal should be part of the team only in special circumstances, though he/she should be supportive of the process and be kept fully informed throughout, not least concerning the team’s findings and compiling of the school report.  During the evaluation the school is managed and run in the normal way; the team do not ‘take over’ any of the principal’s functions.

The mentors are appointed by IQAA from outside the school community.  They are people of experience of senior status in schools, many retired heads, who, as "critical" friends, guide, advise and monitor the school’s evaluation team in planning and carrying out the process and in the reporting on it at the end.  They will also participate in and contribute to as much of the evaluatory activities and findings as possible.  The mentor has to be able to attest to the evaluation as having been fairly, openly and efficiently done, neither too easy-going nor too harsh, and to endorse the findings and recommendations in the internal team’s report.

The evaluation process is summed up and encapsulated in two reports, one by the internal team and the other by the mentor.  These are written to be available, and if necessary circulated, to the school’s decision-making authorities as well as to the school’s community to whatever extent and in whatever way the school decides.  IQAA also receives the reports, which can, if required, be made available to ISASA and any other educational body or authority that may require it. 

It is urged that both process and recommendations should be followed through into the school’s development planning, and that reviews and subsequent evaluations take place as part of ‘an ongoing quality assurance culture’ in the school.

(The full version of this process is to be found in School in a Mirror.)

About IQAA

  • IQAA is an independent agency available to provide quality assurance of any school through the process it has developed. IQAA’s watchword is Assisting Schools To Keep Growing Quality.

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