National Averages - Opinion Surveys

How satisfied are parents with their children's schools?
Are learners happy at their schools?
Are schools inclusive and accepting of diversity?
What are teachers most concerned about?

These are some of the questions addressed in the IQAA quality assurance processes annually.

IQAA quality assures about 100 schools annually and uses opinion surveys to gather supporting information around conditions in the schools. The surveys are completed by learners from Grade 4 - 12, all staff across the school (Teaching staff, administrative staff and support staff), and parents. IQAA collates and analyses the information and provides the results to schools to use in the overall improvement of their offerings.

IQAA also aggregates the findings to illuminate trends in the schools. An interesting statistic that emerges from the 2018 trend reports is that 50% of Grade 4 - 7 parents do not attend school functions. Given that research has shown that parental involvement is an important factor for a successful education, this result is worth noting.

Here are some other interesting national statistics for 2018 taken from the various surveys: