Comments from Opinion Surveys

The following is a selection of comments that have been taken from the opinion surveys received from a wide range of schools.  Some come from mentors’ reports.

They have been selected for their cogency, variety, insight and in some cases quaintness or vigour of expression.  They are presented with neither approval or disapproval for the points of view expressed.  Most comments tend to be critical; the happy ones say little.


  • I think it would be in our best interests to receive less homework.
  • Juffrou makes personal comments, and when I do it back I get detention.
  • I want this to be a cohead school; want more fundays, one every month with girls.
  • I love this school.
  • My cellphone was stolen twice in three weeks but overall it is an excellent school.
  • Sport takes a back seat to drama.
  • I found a cockroach in a pie.
  • Hostel life is pretty cool and the food is okay.
  • Teachers do nothing about students mocking other students and when racist comments are said.
  • I love my school and my environment.
  • Jason bullies me and disrupts my learning.   I would be happy if he got expelled!
  • The tuckshop has never got stock so we often starve and get real thirsty.
  • I don’t really like school but friends make me happy.
  • The way we are forced to sing and dance and be happy-clappy is annoying but otherwise it’s a good school.
  • The school rules are overboard and my teacher Mr – you can approach with any problems.
  • I have good friends at school for conversation, no one I can trust with my life.


  • My child is very happy at school; so am I
  • It is all neatly arranged that the parents end up hearing only what the powers that be want them to.
  • Foul language by pupils is rife; however, the school cannot be entirely blamed as this is reinforced by values and culture at home.
  • Bullies are in the schools but it is something that your son does not want you to report.
  • We do not feel that the principal is supportive and assertive enough for this school.
  • Children need time off, too!
  • Still early days but all is excellent this far.
  • I wish I had been in such an environment when I was at school.
  • We spend so much time each day on English and Afrikaans spelling words that there is no time during the week to read with my child.
  • Another sport they could consider is acrobatics.
  • My child is sometimes very difficult.
  • My child has five tests tomorrow…This is ridiculous…The five tests are no doubt due to the fact that the teachers’ marks are due in on Friday.
  • Punishments don’t always fit the crime (and vice versa).
  • The school preaches excellence; however, this is lately in short supply.
  • The question is: Why do so many girls require extra lessons? – much discussed subject among parents.  Given the high standard of the school, surely normal classroom time should be sufficient.
  • The cricket coach forgets who pays his salary.


  • Year 7 boys are too big for the desks they have in their classrooms.
  • Is there a governing body?  Who are they?
  • Not all staff uphold rules and policies equally.
  • The primary school has an excellent appraisal system in place.  Are appraisals being done in the high school?
  • We cannot expect the children to practise time management when there is no bell system and all events run/start late.
  • I suggest the school introduces indigenous games.
  • Is transformation a real objective or merely a concept bandied about for PR purposes?
  • The governing body doesn’t represent all cultures or races equally.


  • Much lively debate was waged.  The debate continued with a persistent voice which will need to be heard in time.
  • …the birth of a culture of ongoing internal evaluation where colleagues become interdependent in a climate of sharing that leads to growth, both personal and as a school…

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