Out of Many Mouths ... 2

Anthology 2


  • Teachers do nothing about students mocking other students and when racist comments are said.
  • I love my school and my environment.
  • Jason bullies me and disrupts my learning.   I would be happy if he got expelled!
  • The tuckshop has never got stock so we often starve and get real thirsty.
  • I don’t really like school but friends make me happy.
  • The way we are forced to sing and dance and be happy-clappy is annoying but otherwise it’s a good school.
  • The school rules are overboard and my teacher Mr – you can approach with any problems.
  • I have good friends at school for conversation, no one I can trust with my life.


  • We spend so much time each day on English and Afrikaans spelling words that there is no time during the week to read with my child.
  • Another sport they could consider is acrobatics.
  • My child is sometimes very difficult.
  • My child has five tests tomorrow…This is ridiculous…The five tests are no doubt due to the fact that the teachers’ marks are due in on Friday.
  • Punishments don’t always fit the crime (and vice versa).
  • The school preaches excellence; however, this is lately in short supply.
  • The question is: Why do so many girls require extra lessons? – much discussed subject among parents.  Given the high standard of the school, surely normal classroom time should be sufficient.
  • The cricket coach forgets who pays his salary.


  • We cannot expect the children to practise time management when there is no bell system and all events run/start late.
  • I suggest the school introduces indigenous games.
  • Is transformation a real objective or merely a concept bandied about for PR purposes?
  • The governing body doesn’t represent all cultures or races equally.


  • …the birth of a culture of ongoing internal evaluation where colleagues become interdependent in a climate of sharing that leads to growth, both personal and as a school…

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