Passing of Vernon Wood - IQAA Executive Director

It is with great sadness and tremendous shock that I inform you of the passing of Vernon Wood on Saturday, 17 February 2018. Vernon was a very capable educationist and a visionary leader of IQAA – Independent Quality Assurance Agency.

I met Vernon when he was Headmaster of Bishops College. I was immediately impressed by Vernon’s deep intellect, which he projected in a quiet manner. In a meeting in which contentious curriculum issues were being discussed, Vernon distinguished himself by his understanding of the salient points in question and his responses reflected an incisive mind. What became evident to me was that to Vernon, sound reasoning should prevail over established practice.

This is the quality of man who took over IQAA in June 2017. My excitement at his appointment proved well-founded. At IQAA, Vernon intrinsically knew what needed to be done to ensure the relevance of IQAA as a quality assurer in the minds of ISASA members. We were working with him on tailoring the IQAA process for standalone pre-primary schools and for meaningfully including transformation and diversity as a part of quality assurance. I was also looking forward to negotiating a new contract between IQAA and ISASA in the coming weeks. We were in the process of further forging a strong partnership for advancing quality education in Southern Africa. It is therefore hard to believe that the great momentum we were building up with IQAA has abruptly been disrupted.

ISASA extends its condolences to Vernon’s family. In this moment of a devastating loss for them and for Southern African education, they need to know the high regard in which Vernon was held, as a dedicated and great African educationist.

Vernon lala ngoxolo!

Lebogang Montjane – ISASA Executive Director

February 2018





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