IQAA Services

IQAA offers the following quality assurance services to schools:

  • The CORE evaluation conducted against quality targets that focus on the quality of teaching and learning and the operational efficiency of the school
  • Optional add-on evaluations:
    • Governance and Management Module
    • Transformation and Diversity Module
    • Boarding
    • Aftercare
    • Values and Society Involvement

IQAA may also develop instruments to evaluate other distinctive areas that the school may identify and request.

As a further follow-up service or a once-off to address specific issues, IQAA offers customised "snap surveys" that provide information to the school management for decision-making purposes.

About IQAA

  • IQAA is an independent agency available to provide quality assurance of any school through the process it has developed. IQAA’s watchword is Assisting Schools To Keep Growing Quality.

Contact Details

  • Office Administrator:
    Ivy Matthews 
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    Phone: +27 796 959708