IQAA Independence

IQAA is an independent body. This means, inter alia, that: its primary purpose and function is to serve the interests of the education and total welfare of the pupils in the independent schools and other organisations it is concerned with or involved in.

Independence embraces the following understandings, that:

  • the reports, assessments, advice and suggestions made shall be based on the evidence gained in the evaluation process, and not be subject to the influence of parties outside the evaluation teams;
  • its committees, employees and appointees shall be selected mindful of the need for them to be free from any conflict of interest; 
  • board members shall have as their prime and overriding responsibility the proper management and functioning of IQAA and only secondarily the representing, where applicable, the views of their associations.

About IQAA

  • IQAA is an independent agency available to provide quality assurance of any school through the process it has developed. IQAA’s watchword is Assisting Schools To Keep Growing Quality.

Contact Details

  • Office Administrator:
    Ivy Matthews 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Phone: +27 796 959708