Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Work Undertaken in 2013 and 2014.


IQAA has been a tremendous help to Amandla’s work with Philippi schools. Amandla strives to develop research-based programmes that help learners overcome the challenges that are preventing their learning. As such, we develop surveys for learners and share the results thereof with principals so that we can plan together how to leverage resources in the community to help the learners. IQAA not only helped Amandla conceptualise the project, but also connected Amandla with raramuridesign to both develop those surveys and construct a database to house the information for schools and Amandla to reference. Amandla was recognised as an official World Design Capital project for this project. IQAA played an integral role in this success.

Scott Clarke
Director, Amandla Development

Go for Gold Education to Employment

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About IQAA

  • IQAA is an independent agency available to provide quality assurance of any school through the process it has developed. IQAA’s watchword is Assisting Schools To Keep Growing Quality.

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